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Default Mode Network (DMN) Activity

Psilocybin has been shown to disrupt the activity of the default mode network, a network of brain regions associated with self-referential thinking, mind-wandering, and the sense of ego. Reduced DMN activity is believed to contribute to the altered sense of self and ego dissolution often reported during a psilocybin experience.

Increased Connectivity

While psilocybin temporarily reduces activity in the DMN, it appears to increase connectivity between other brain regions, leading to a more fluid and flexible state of consciousness. This increased connectivity may underlie some of the therapeutic effects observed in studies

Depression and Anxiety

Increase blood flow to the prefrontal cortex promoting concentrated performance on tasks that require sustained attention.

Mystical Experiences

Psilocybin has been associated with profound mystical or spiritual experiences. These experiences can have a lasting positive impact on mental well-being and may contribute to the therapeutic effects of psilocybin-assisted therapy.


Some research suggests that psilocybin may enhance neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to reorganize and form new connections. This could be relevant for the treatment of various mental health conditions.


Studies have generally found that psilocybin is well-tolerated when administered in controlled settings, with a low risk of adverse physical health effects. However, psychological effects can vary widely among individuals.


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